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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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of these fashion -- barnes is also on top of these fashion trends. >> looking forward to it. right to the forecast, beautiful day, lots of sunshine expected, low to mid-80s. low humidity this looks fantastic as we get into the holiday weekened. i can show you the satellite radar. okay we won't do that we will start with a look at temperatures and they are in the 60s. 67 at regan national, 62 in baltimore, naval air station has a temperature of 60 degrees and let's see, mentioned 70 let's go to max 1. i don't have to show you satellite radar, nothing but clear skies the forecast today, looking great there you go highs low to mid- 80s. bright sunshine. more details in the forecast, a brand new tropical storm details coming up in a few minutes. >> all right thanks power outages in the aftermath of
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irene causing some real confusion this morning 18 schools in prince georges county are closed due to no power. >> this morning largo, central and suitland high schools did not open because they didn't get power overnight however central high has been hit with another outage now this happened as students and staff were gathered in the parking lot we just got word the school will close for the day. they were going the open they are closed for the day. up-to-date on the total power picture we are dealing with here are the latest numbers take a look now, pepco reporting just under 19,000 customers without power, dominion 3900 northern virginia the biggest outage comes from bge with 94,000 customers in the dark in five local counties, 27,500 outages. now again we will check with sherry lee in a little bit but first prince georges county
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again still dealing with power outagedowned trees in some areas the county executive has been serving his county since hurricane irene moved out and he joins us now with the latest mr. baker can you hear us? >> i can hear you okay good to be here this morning. >> thanks for talking with us. we were mentioning about central high school closed back open, closed down again have you been able to talk with school officials to get a sense what exactly is going on at that school, if this is also storm related? >> it is storm related from what i understand i haven't had a chance to talk to them again but i know the three schools they thought were going to be closed last night, suitland which my daughter goes to, she was happy last night but this morning i had to tell her she had to go to school it is related to that, we are just trying to get the most updated information. these things are minute by
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minute. >> i know a lot of frustration out there you yourself can understand that being a parent. tell me a little bit about what the damage is you are dealing with what seems to be the biggest problem that is preventing power from getting back on so quickly. >> well, i think it is one, is the extensive damage throughout the county and number of workers both bg ande and pepco have out here working and having a storm of this magnitude, hurricane go through the entire state put a strain on additional contractors coming in having said that, we are doing everything we can we are in constant contact with pepco and bg ande to make sure we are doing everything we can to asis them but it is the trees down on power lines, it is the danger dealing with those and so you are dealing with cutting trees moving them from power lines and responding. and mr. baker tell me about maybe some of the hardest hit areas of the county or just randomly and widespread? is there one area that seems to
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be worse than others? >> there are a couple areas that have gotten hit worse than others in the county they in terms of power outage, you look at the college park area, laurel as we heard about bg and e and seems to be around those areas where the power outages are the most but right nosh priority is our schools making sure they are up and running but, they are getting to as many as possible we want to make sure that everyone, power is on as soon as possible we are doing everything we can. >> we know you certainly are, mr. baker also, you know you deal with pepco and bge out there you know in the past they have got a lot of heat they seem to be doing well this time around bge seems to be really kind of struggling right now to get the power back on any idea as to why one versus the other is having more issues? >> well, i think what it has just like everybody else, both were trying to get as many
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private contractors as they could to come out here given the nature of the hurricane, you couldn't pull people from pennsylvania or west virginia or places like that. i think it is struggling with private contractors to augment what they have, you know, so we are just like i say, glad they are out there working and we will push them as hard as we can and do as much as we can at the county level to make sure that we help out and get these people power back on as quick as possible. >> certainly lastly what are you hearing from the power companies? yourself as to an estimate as to when they thing power will be back on in your county? >> well, they are working as hard as they can i will say this i asked that tom graham from pepco give me an update every 6 hours on where they are he has lived up to that and done that, i talked to the president of bge i said i want to make sure we see crews out there working having surveyed the county i do see them out there we won't be satisfied
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until everyone has their power restored and all our streets are back operational and roads clear that is when we will be satisfied we will work day and night to make sure that happens. thank you for taking the time today sir we appreciate it >> my pleasure thank you. >> alison. >> governor o'malley is taking a closer look at damage irene left behind in southern maryland he will tour st. mary's in calvert county and lieutenant governor brown will assess damage in anne arundel. montgomery county, downed trees a problem, utility crews can't restore power this family has been in the dark since early sunday morning using their car's battery to fire up a tv set they went through this last winter and say that was worse. >> we should learn more about the hurricane irene recovery effort in virginia a joint news
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briefing is being held in richmond 4:00 p.m. this afternoon governor mcdonald homeland security secretary janet napolitano and secretary of agriculture all attending. in dc power outages continue for many homeowners in part because of trees that took down power lines. no lights no air conditioning lack of refrigeration concerns about prolonged power outages in high crime areas, pepco is promising to have lights back on no later than thursday evening. millions still without power after irene tore through the northeast storm now blamed for at least 40 deaths, three of those in vermont. up to 11 inches of rain fell on the state and it is now dealing with its worse flood in theory a century. adam housely has more on how some are handling the storm's aftermath. >> reporter: along the east coast hurricane irene may have left but the aftermath is
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proving more difficult than the storm itself in addition to dozens of human deaths countless number of petlivestock have fallen victim to the storm one delaware farmer lost nearly all his chickens. >> 14 inches of rain the water came up and just flooded both chicken houses and as a result all the chickens are dead and it is just a big mess. >> reporter: in north carolina all about the financial impact business owners are facing. >> this will all have to be torn out and redone. it's six figures for sure. >> reporter: after touring damage done in his state pennsylvania governor said he is taken aback by the power of the flood water. >> i am amazed at what water can do to concrete asphalt and bridges that we have in this -- it has done quite a job here. >> reporter: in the garden state residents are overwhelmed by the devastation. >> i am in shock i can't
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believe it really. my house for 22 years and now. >> reporter: while irene rolled through the east coast over a couple days her impact will still be felt for some time. >> the river forecast center for northeast was reporting that some of these rivers may not crest for 2 to 3 days so extent of impacts we still won't know. >> as communities continue to deal with swollen rivers across the northeast president obama and administration officials will i have visit virginia, -- will visit virginia, and vermont and other areas damaged by hurricane irene. adam housely fox news. all right a big mess this morning prince georges county for schools there. and homeowners as well. last night 21 schools did not have power but this morning, pepco said it restored all power to ones they service. >> even so only three of the 21 that were closed would open one was central high school but we
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have been getting numerous calls central high was not open now from sherry leon the phone from capital heights what is the deal open or closed? >> reporter: well, we just got word from prince georges county schools they have released the students from school today, so from what we understand i just spoke with the pepco president and he told us they have been working closely with the school systems and had a list of all the schools that had power outages from hurricane irene, last night and early this morning when they announced all of the schools in its service area had power restored, they realized they did not have central high school apparently on their list so pepco believed they had all power restored to the school, prince georges county then opened up the schools and when the staff and students got here they realized there was no power, pepco was called in, thomas graham came out here they have crews here now, from what we understand
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there was a fuse blown, as a result of the hurricane irene their crews are getting power restored but it will take a couple hours to get the work done that means school has been dismissed buses are back to pick up students and bring them home those walking in the area, can walk home but they should have that power back on within a couple hours, and then school hopefully should reopen tomorrow you mention a list of to remain closed this morning, whittled down to 18 not all are in pepcos service area prince georges county does have some schools that are serviced by bge which had a number of power outages in fact the worst in this area, and so those schools do not have power restored yet and will remain closed, until the school system finds they have power back and can you know make that decision, later. >> so some of those schools are
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pepco some are bge pep cois working on the situation now the last of the schools here in prince georges county they service it appears there was some sort of miscommunication along the way we are not sure where the break down came pepco thought all the schools were back online but they were not. so that is the situation here in capitol heights, alison and sarah. >> all right thank you i know pepco and bge have been saying throughout the morning possibly thursday or friday hopefully by the end of the week everything will be situated -- the sooner the better but it has been a long long weekend we understand they are working hard thank you. >> meantime no regrets about water boarding and thoughts about other members of the bush administration. dick cheney making waves up next we will talk with the deputy secretary of health and human services from bush administration to get his thoughts on the book. don't go any where we are back after the break 
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former vice president dick cheney says his new book doesn't pull any punches about disputes and infighting among the inner circles to have white house. officially out today, tidbits from in my time have leaked out about him, unflattering descriptions of cool will be powell and condaleeza rice and his assertion he was the only one to push bush about the need to take action against syria. he held numerous high level position now a senior fellow at potomac institute for studies, good morning thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> first just tell me how closely you worked in the bush
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white house just to paint the picture. >> well, i was in numerous briefings with vice president cheney and he was always an interested participant some times he spoke up more than other times every time he spoke up people were on the edge of their seats to hear what he had to say i briefed him on the debate preparations for 2004 he was a quick study and skilled debay tore. >> are you surprised this book is coming out and the characters of it? >> not at all he has always been hard hitting willing to say how he sees it willing to criticize others and kept his counsel with the president closely makes sense he would put this out. now after the administration is over and after he no longer has political aspirations he can say what he wants. >> he has said leading up to this, heads will explode after reading this book and we were talking you said you studied
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what the political or presidential memoir in general does this fall in line with what the public wants to hear from a high ranking official like cheney. >> a lot of the criticism of the book so far, it is not available to us regular folks yet, but most of the criticism is that he has not been introspective enough, but the most interesting memoirs are not necessarily ones where you are introspective but where you criticize others the worse is where you said i like joe and fred but in this book he is criticizing people and fellow republicans with people like condaleeza rice. >> interesting i can remember distinctly he was never a vice president that had aspirations to be president perhaps it makes your style a little bit more forthcoming if you are not always seeking the next highest office. it is interesting. >> in fact president bush always said that is why he
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picked him i don't have to worry with dick cheney he is not looking for his next job. >> we don't know exactly what is in the book yet but former secretary of state powell has come out and called it nonsense and said cheney is taking cheap shots at him are you surprised by this fight in the book? >> well, nastiest aspect of this fight is that colin powell knew the whole issue of the leaker and cheney's aid was the one who is implicated in the scandal. cheney has a personal stake in this whole debate so it makes sense there would be controversy on this one. >> he says if cheney staff had been forthcoming libby would not have been indited. >> you mean powell. >> yes. >> yes, powell new and arm tang it makes no sense they continued to prosecute.
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president bush said if anybody knows about this speak up now. >> okay interesting there because he was close with scooter libby what are you thoughts on that having lived through that. can we go back to that for just a second here are you surprised colin powell brought this up? it was him who brought it up and blamed him, cheney, for scooter libby taking the fall. >> yes but the truth is i was in the white house -- they made everybody sign a declaration if you know anything about this, speak up now you have to tell what is going on seems to me powell knew something at the time and kept quiet even from the president. >> he also is unapologetic about the water boarding the torture techniques we have seen that since when we saw some of the top al qaeda members fall cheney said it was this torture brought this organization down to where they are now are you surprised by the unapologetic tone? i suspect you are not. >> not at all the excerpt in
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the wall street journal talks about ksm and how much we learned from enhanced techniques in that case. >> having worked throughout the rest of what i wanted to ask you, just to fill out how you feel about this having seen dick cheney personally up close and then the book coming out what are your feelings good politics? bad politics? washington as usual? >> i don't think politics matter that much to him i think he wants to tell it as it is and get his story out there as a presidential historian i am fascinated where someone is tongue and truth and saying how it was and he makes the point in an interview in wall street journal about how he thought no one was defending the bush administration and felt he had to do that. >> all right well, the new book is called in my time, another political memoir it is out today we can all read it i suspect you will be finished by the weekend. i can't wait to read it. >> interesting and
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controversial. >> something else interesting where holly is. a country queen right from here in our area, patsy cline she is checking out her home in winchester. hi holly. >> reporter: sarah i am the queen of a different sort don't you know that for now. we are focussing on a country queen we are talking about patsy cline, liz channeling the wonderful voice of patsy this morning. you know they say patsy cline started entertaining people with her talents at the ripe old age of 3. she never had formal training but left her mark on the music world. you can come be a part of her story visiting her historic home in winchester which recently opened up to everyone. all live later fox 5 morning news 
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clues in the abduction of a 5-year-old fairfax county girl the little girl is safe today but police don't have a suspect. investigators say she was taken out of her bed some time early saturday morning police won't specify but she suffered trauma to her upper body after the attack the little girl made her way back to the home police canvassed the neighbourhood and located what they believe to be an outside crime scene but gave no further details. >> one of the first elected member offs the original dc council has died, nadiane winter was not just a founding winter but urban activist started nonprofit hospitality house finding homes for needy back in the 40s. the former ward 6 council woman was 87 years old. nadine winter will lie in repose wilson building thursday evening 5 to 7:00 p.m.
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dc council chair brown requested flags in and around the wilson building to be flown at half staff for the next week. war in afghanistan hitting close to home specialist green was killed sunday in kandahar provinces insurgents attacked his unit while out on patrol. 66 u.s. troops have died in afghanistan so far this month making august the deadliest month for american forces in the nearly decade long war. >> in libya we still don't know where former leader gadhafi is but his family is in neighboring algeria his wife sofia and daughter, two sons, his daughter fled to give birth which happened some time today another son was reportedly killed after a battle in the south meanwhile rebels say they found more mass graves as they
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lay siege to his birthplace home to his tribe and last past i don't know of the regime. looking like a beautiful day tucker up next with a look at your forecast as we take a live lookout side sun is shining on a beautiful tuesday keep it here we will be right back  septic system breakdowns
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east coast earthquake refusing to be completely over shadowed by irene marks one week since the magnitude 5 .8 quake and after shocks continue, usgs says three struck yesterday alone all centered near mineral and louisa virginia. hurricane irene passed the earthquake got to come back into the picture. >> lingers i am trying to save all these newspaper front pages.
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>> very good idea. >> i mean this is amazing. >> crazy last couple weeks. >> right hard to believe makes you kind of i don't know, scared for the future. >> i just kind of feel like i am ready for something to happen. more than i would normally. >> at this point you probably have 40-gallons of water and 14 bags of cheetos. interesting around here. >> things never get boring. >> they dr forecast here is something that will be boring not sure bored but repetitive. >> i am not guilty bored at all -- not bored at all. >> we need a break lots of sunshine today as we get into the afternoon highs back in the 80s. the forecast right through beginning of the weekend,
9:33 am
sunshine hey, we got kattia our next tropical storm 40-mile per hour winds, well out in the atlantic temperature regan national 71 degrees pleasant 71, 70 leonard town 50s martins burg, a little fog, 59 degrees 62 haggers town, fredericks burg should be a good looking start to the day, sunshine throughout the day, this pattern will take hold and be slow to move off the coast. a few clouds to start your day salisbury and ocean city that is out of here, quiet weather pattern washington, push into pennsylvania and west virginia a good looking forecast over the next couple days. here is tropical storm kattia not looking well organized at the moment but has a lot of time the get back together right now in the central atlantic and will pass -- really eastern atlantic and several days before it
9:34 am
threatens land areas, winds 40 miles per hour really racing 17 miles per hour here is your projected path, moving east to west, forecast to be a category one hurricane by friday early, 90-mile per hour winds, more interesting as you get into the weekend there you go, north of leeward, windward islands, late saturday early sunday as a category 3 hurricane we will have to watch they do that bending in the area of high pressure. we will watch this and keep you posted if it gets closer to land. 83, sunshine easy forecast winds out of the north, 5 miles per hour later tonight clear and cool, 65 your overnight low. next several days, just beautiful high temperatures low to mid-80s. a few clouds thursday and friday might be a shower friday, but right now the weekend, at least start to the weekened looks great saturday sunshine 84 degrees. that is a look at the forecast sarah and alison back
9:35 am
to you at the desk. thanks. >> back to developing story of the hour confusion at central high school prince georges county when we first came on the air 4:25 a.m. it was closed then around 5:30 a.m. it was one of the three high schools to open after getting power back on. >> in the 8:00 a.m. hour here we learned power was off again at central just before 9, school officials closed central high for the day. sherry lee is live at the school now. there we see you now can you tell us exactly the deal right now closed. >> reporter: it is closed they just sent the students home a short time ago right now students are being kept outside the school, staff is keeping an eye on them you can see we are back here well, just a minute ago there was a bus the buses are here picking up kids those walking can go home right over here you can see we have the pepco crews work withing on the pow -- working on the power situation the school had power it was restored some time between early this morning when the power was restored and
9:36 am
start of school, a fuse blew, i talked to the president of pepco region a short time ago he says now the crews are back out here working to get that fuse back, but it is going to take a couple hours that is why they had to close school and send students home clearly a big disruption, how is this effected you today? how disrupting is it? >> not a major disruption it is an older child you know but last night school was closed, i went to bed thinking school is closed i wake her up at 7 school is open, you got to get up and get ready, you got 20 minutes to get out of here, i left her go back down stairs, school is closed it is a little bit of a disruption so older ones make sure little ones get out and they get out. >> you are late for work now >> i am late for work now. >> are you upset with pepco
9:37 am
about this confusion. >> no, you can't really say how it is going to effect and there are lines down from what i can see walking through there is a line down back there i don't know if that controls the whole school but there are lots of trees here. it is part of nature they can't control it i just think if you said it was closed stick with that decision and leave it alone. >> you thing it was too late then 5:30 a.m. to suddenly change that when last night they said it was closed. >> yes what child is up watching the news at 5:30 a.m. i got the report last night school is closed all right my daughter is staying home. >> the high school is closed here at central high school that is, pepco crews are out ear trying to get power back on hopefully school will open tomorrow and hopefully for parents they will get a little bit more notice unlike all the changes back and forth this morning. >> thankfully they were older
9:38 am
kids. >> former washington wizards player arrested in california, why in connection to a murder details up next. >> man convicted of child sexual assault for taking child brides, is near death, what happens to warren jeffs in jail that has him in a medically induced coma back after the break 
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making headlines this tuesday morning a judge expected the rule today on a motion to delay the murder trial of brittany norwood her defense attorney says they need more time to build a case since it is likely she will enter an infancy plea she is accused of killing a cowork at the lulu lemon store in bethesda back in march the trial is scheduled to start in late october. former wizards player crittenton under arrest in california taken into custody last night at john wayne
9:42 am
airport he will face a murder charge in a deadly shooting that happened in atlanta his lawyer says he was headed there to turn himself in the victim a mother of four was shot ten days ago. investigators believe crittenton was seeking revenge after he was robbed in april. she was walk being two men at the time she was shot but police believe she was an innocent victim. >> we believe she wasn't the intended target in this case. as i said she was struck in the leg and wound up bleeding to death as a result of it we had a great deal of outrage in that community shortly after miss jones was shot and we had a great deal of cooperation from people in the community. >> now you may remember crittenton was suspended from the nba after he brought guns to the locker room with gilbert arenas. warren jeffs hospitalized in a medically induced coma doctors at texas prison said he became weak after fasting for several days he is serving a life sentence for sexually
9:43 am
assaulting two under age girls he considered to be quote spiritual brides he is said to be in critical but stable condition. holly is not crazy she is not falling to pieces but she is checking out the home of country music legend patsy cline this morning she is in winchester at her former home. it is something you don't want to miss. >> she is up next. >> just love the sound. >> so soothing. >> and, believe it or not, fall is here. it is getting close any way we have a look at some fall fashions for you, our fox 5 fashion show coming up next my name is ashley.
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>> patsy cline's historic house in winchester virginia is open to the public. >> holly is morris is there to learn more about what you can see there.
9:47 am
holly ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: well, i heard you guys say i am not crazy or falling to pieces some times i am and do. this morning right now in terms of patsy cline, you are right. we are enjoying her historic home just opened to the public right now we are enjoying the wonderful patsy cline sound thanks to liz who is giving us a little blue moon in kentucky as we come upstairs to see what it was like for patsy to live up here in this one bedroom with her entire family. alan is a dosent. >> the entire family slept here. >> that's right. her brother in the bed here patsy in the bed here and patsy's mother and sister in this bed. >> so they spent a lot of quality time together >> yes, they did. >> were they a close family. >> that he were a very close family. >> tell me about her name cline is not her birth given
9:48 am
name. >> no, it is virginia. >> how did she become patsy i thought she was called gin any. >> she was known as ginny to her friends she got patsy when she was with bill and his daughter was named patsy and so as a term of endearment he would call her patsy so she adopted the name when she married gerald cline she took his married name. >> back in the day when they lived here they didn't have a lot. >> no. >> as i girl i am not noticing a lot of closet space. >> no, you've got two closets in the room patsy's mother hilda made curtains for the closet and then the dresser drawer there were four drawers, one for each family member. >> one for each family member. >> that was the sloppy member on the bottom. >> yes. >> what is the significance on
9:49 am
the dresser. >> wind song was her favorite perfume, beads and earrings, clip ons things she would have worn. >> you know, i recently watched again i have seen it a million times but i am not kidding i happened to be watching coal miners daughter. >> great movie. >> patsy cline was really good friends with loretta lynn i noticed patsy gave all her maternity clothes that she wore to loretta when she was pregnant was she a really giving person? tell me about patsy's nature. >> yes, she was a very giving person would do anything for anyone. money, car, whatever she could do, to help out. because she didn't have a lot herself so if she had a friend in need, like you said loretta, with her maternity clothes she would give them to her. >> once she made it big and she
9:50 am
was huge i mean, one of the biggest country female stars, to have such a short career, did she ever come back to winchester. >> she did come back she brought her children back to visit her mother, several times, so she would come, and go back to nashville and come back to winchester to visit her mom back and forth, yeah. >> you think part of her legacy is the fact that she did die so young and did so much people wonder what else she could have done. >> exactly what it is. the public likes you know would like to know what show would have done she did leave such a great track of music for all of us to listen to. >> definitely someone been missed and will continue to be missed, a loss that just never goes away. >> real quickly many people didn't know about this house but probably don't know she is not buried far from here
9:51 am
either. >> right on 522 maybe 2, 3 miles away. >> memorial park. >> right. >> you can go visit her grave site as well. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> it is a pleasure we wonderfully enjoyed our time here when you come in the house alison you will feel the emotion and memories embodied in this house and thank you to liz of course as well for serenading us all morning long it really added to it. we have a link to find out more and plan your own visit official ribbon cutting saturday back to you. >> her life was short and eventful that voice i have really enjoyed your coverage this morning. >> as summer draws to a close there is one thing to look forward to fall fashion fashion week is days away but we are giving you a sneak peek into what is hot this fall. the editor and scoop of capitol file magazine kate bennett. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> one of the big headlines before we get started.
9:52 am
>> we are seeing a lot of trends things like lace and jewel tone colors leather and polka dots a lot of fun things for fall. nice for the first day we can feel like fall is coming. >> you look beautiful as well. >> thanks i am wearing the lace look, tory burch. >> got to love it clean, classic. >> sophisticated but fun. >> you brought four beautiful young women with you let's start with alexandra. >> she is wearing a great look a cozy sweater and maxi skirt from rag and bone she looks phenomenal necklace and bracelet from m 29 these are so trendy right now and the necklace and cute hat for fall. >> is it any coincidence you have that beautiful fall color on the hair her natural hair. >> yes and anybody can wear this look tall, short whatever size you are you can wear this max ski skirt look it looks
9:53 am
great. >> beautiful. >> thanks. then ashley is wearing another trend jewel toned, great jade green dress from ginger boutique in bethesda, earrings m 29 she has amazing boots from tory burch and tiny jewel box has a nice collection on the second floor cocktail ring so perfect for the season more affordable trendier, so it is really breaking out and doing some great fun things for fall >> i love the oarings. >> love that look. >> some great pattern tights too. >> are we seeing tights more again. >> yes, i guess again here are some fish nets becky has some terrific -- >> yes, and is he has those legs. >> she looks great she is wearing polka dots great trend of the season, great top by
9:54 am
kate spade, valentino you don't have to be scared off by tight leather pants, throw a better on. >> look at those shoes >> aren't they terrific, they are oscar de la renta. the fall look is from neiman marcus. >> then cara she is wearing a casual look again we like these bright colored pants red and blue and green from rag and bone georgetown the top is as well and she has some great accessories too, the long necklace we are seeing a lot of these. >> used to be chunky chunky out and long in as far as accessories? >> well, chunky is still good in a cocktail ring but i think necklaces if you want to elongate your body wear a nice long necklace. >> i know we are changing seasons but she still has the boot with the peep toe. >> it is great for fall those are from casa nova and a great
9:55 am
color you can wear black, brown, green. >> nude is still in. >> we want to thank our stylist, who did a great job today styling everybody. >> you know these looks are great for anybody shape any size perfect for work or casual. >> love it. what about the fashion don'ts what do we need to remember as we transition? >> well, i think you know, know your body know what fits you, having confidence is half the battle, so don't slip out of your comfort zone too much a great way to wear these is test the boundaries you may wear jeans or black jeans try green or red or do a short dress with a great boot try a maxi skirt instead of a mini. >> i am only 5'2". >> i am 5'4" with a cute cozy sweater. >> we can do it? >> us short stacks can rock it?
9:56 am
you don't have to be a tall drink of water. >> and a hat on top looks great. >> love it this way down cara, rebecca, ashley, alexandra thank you so much. >> come back and see us again kate bennett editor and chief of capitol file magazine is this the latest. >> this is the new issue. it is our fall fashion issue other great tips inside. >> appreciate it. >> see you soon we will be right back 
9:57 am
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here is your five day forecast, 83 degrees, 85 tomorrow beautiful 5 day forecast big holiday weekend looks like temperatures will hang out low to mid-80s. so hey, it is fall. >> headed back to the beach for the weekend? >> i would love to go to


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